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WebSmatch (Web Schema Matching) is a flexible, open environment for discovering and matching complex schemas from many heterogeneous data sources over the Web. It provides three basic functions: (1) metadata extraction from data sources; (2) schema matching (both 2-way and n-way schema matching), (3) schema clustering to group similar schemas together. WebSmatch is being delivered through Web services, to be used directly by data integrators or other tools, with RIA clients.

In the context of IBC (Computational Biology Institute), WebSmatch uses biological data (such as relationnal databases and ontologies) to provide automatic annotation and proposes clustering results on such data (see biological use case or download our poster here).

Project members :

  • Scientific manager : Patrick Valduriez
  • Project manager : Rémi Coletta
  • Software engineer : Emmanuel Castanier
  • Publications :

  • R. Coletta, E. Castanier, P. Valduriez, C. Frisch, D. Ngo, Z. Bellahsene, Public Data Integration with WebSmatch, Proceedings WOD'12, Nantes, France, May 2012. Pdf
  • E. Castanier, R. Coletta, P. Valduriez, C. Frisch, Public Data Integration with WebSmatch, BDA'2012, Clermont-Ferrand, France, October 2012. Pdf
  • E. Castanier, R. Coletta, P. Valduriez, C. Frisch, WebSmatch: a tool for Open Data, Proceedings WOD'13, Paris, France, June 2013. Pdf

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