WebSmatch Project Page - ZENITH Team

Schema matching is a fundamental and very difficult task of data integration. Based on our experience gained in developing original schema matching tools and industrial-strenght data integration systems, we are developing the WebSmatch software, a flexible, open environment for Web schema matching. To foster its use by data integrators over the Web, WebSMatch has a modern architecture based on Web services and RIA (Rich Internet Application). A WebSmatch client is an RIA to be used within any modern browser, thus providing an easy, yet powerful GUI. Our RIA is implemented in GWT (Google Web Toolkit). A client can call WebSmatch services through Web services to perform various functions such as

  • extracting metadata from data sources, e.g. xls files, using machine learning techniques;
  • matching two or more schemas, using different matchers which are made independent of input format (through the use of a metametamodel);
  • clustering similar schemas;
  • importing/exporting in any format.
  • Each service can be used independently by any kind of client that supports standard web service calls.

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