WebSmatch Project Page - ZENITH Team

First you will have to login. Just use the "test" login and password

You will face the main interface. Just click on the menu bar "File" and "Load schema from store".

Now you will face a list of already imported schemas, just choose one and click to go to visual representation.

After loading a schema imported from an XLS file, you will see the editor frame. You can modify the schema (yellow cells are attributes), when satisfied, just click on "Store XLS file as a shema", you will have to choose a name for it and describe it. The description must be as precise as you can as it will be used for the matching in addition of other informations.

You can now import a new schema.

After integrating and validating a new schema, you can go to the matching frame by clicking on the menu bar.

Then, you get this frame :

Just choose left and right schemas and then match them. You will go to the results frame. At this point, adjust the threshold and click on "Show results".

You can also use the cluster view, click on "View results/As a cluster".

Here is an exemple of clustering :

You can also use the two way view to edit the matches, click on "View results/Two way view". To add an expert match, click on a node, then on a second node, it will create the expert match.

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